Adamo London and Evah London, the mens and womenswear brand of 'The English Closet' are London based and it is there that most of their aesthetics are enduced from. With the names derived from the first man and woman to walk on the planet, the brands were established in 2015 with the aim of offering high street fashion to young men and women helping them establish a wardrobe that is global and unique. Adamo transcends the boundaries of a stereotypic fashion brand to a brand that offers a lifestyle - a direction to live and live-it-fit. On the other hand, Evah caters to the female fetish of eminence.

Adamo London and Evah London trace their origin from the high street styles of London, where the brands were first perceived. Defying the generic adaptations of trends, Adamo and Evah elaborate their inspiration from the lifestyle that a man and woman strive for and mix it with the chic street aesthetics of British fashion, which form the core of the brand. The brands are constantly evolving, reflecting the changing taste of the fickle minded youth it caters to, which is well travelled and has gained the intangible asset of a refined aesthetic and awareness of exclusivity of style on their travels.

Adamo London celebrates the different - the rebel. It accentuates its street style from myriad influences from athleisure and active sportswear for a client who is always on a move, who has too much to see and many places to be. The client is not a generic 'Man' but someone who understands that fashion and clothing must be appreciated as an extension of their personality. His aesthetic is not a subject to any social, cultural or psychographic boundary but is a reflection of their reminiscence of the wanderer he is.

With the belief that one's wardrobe is an augmentation to their personality, Evah London celebrates the women and their desire for an eminent lifestyle. The philosophy; that the world should be a well dressed place, is what the brand abides by and constantly strides towards bringing the high end elite fashion to the real world shopper. Evah London resonates the taste of the urban dweller who want to embrace fashion in their quotidian lifestyles.

Nonconforming to the constant and static, Adamo London and Evah London are eternally evolving at the same pace as their customers. They extensively scan everything that the young are into from global high streets to social trends and deduce a collection that fits and excites. Working very close to the seasons, the brands enable themselves to adapt to the changing consumer interests and offer a product that is, in many scenarios, ahead of its time.

The English Closet corporate culture is based on team work, open communication and high standards. These principles are the root of our personal dedication with the task of focusing on our clients' satisfaction. Fast-forward to today, and with a lot of hard work, flexibility and creativity, we're the young fashion brand today with translating current trends into new and innovative styles that excite and inspire.

The English Closet has a dedicated team of designers inspired and operating in London to create British fashion, which has a hint of global in it. The team, much like the clientele is a group of young and well travelled individuals who sieve through the trends offering a product that is, in itself, a lifestyle. The design team gives an utmost importance to the only constant that Adamo and Evah offers- a style which is not different from one another, but complimentary, celebrating the love and hate relationship the two have.
The English Closet hosts sourcing teams in China, India, Bangladesh and Srilanka, who possess a great Intel about the market these countries offer and find the best and the most up-trend trims and fabrics needed for every season. They are briefed, and guided by the design team, and both work in close proximity to each other, offering a product that easily is the statement piece of the client’s wardrobe.
The marketing team of the brand understands that it is the product that is at the heart of the brand. The team strives to bring it to the attention of the clientele that the product is not just a fashionable garment but is of a quality at par- if not better than any label in the prêt segment and the prices for the same is what any young person won't mind parting from.
The English Closet is available on most social media platforms to allow our customers to get back to us. You can follow the brand on instagram and facebook with the handle named-adamoandevah and get all the latest updates about the collections.
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